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We can help you find extra space.

What you do with it is your decision... or not!

You Have a Friend in the Business

At Extra Closet we care about you and we care about your belongings.

Don’t be fooled by the others promising climate controlled facilities. The hallways and space between their cinder block boxes may be cool but your belongings are in hot and humid rooms. Not what you want for your possessions in Florida. Here at Extra Closet our entire facility is kept cool and dry. You’ll feel the difference, so will your things.

Our competitors will advertise low prices but don’t advertise that you are required to sign a long-term contract. They don’t tell you that you will be forced to purchase monthly insurance for your belongings. We have insurance too, but YOU get to decide whether or not you want to purchase it. When we advertise a price, that’s the price.

Need extra space? Want to get your garage back? We can help.

We can tell you more about us but our customers do a much better job of it.

The staff if very friendly! The facility is clean and the prices are honest with none of the extra costs. They feature gated spaces that take a simple combination or keyed lock. It’s a great value for the cost and air conditioned.

K Lee

I have utilized their services since the 1980`s and I would not consider using another storage facility. Excellent service and personnel.

Mary E

Everyone there hasĀ been great! I picked them out without having lived in Ft Myers and I feel I picked the best Storage place in town! Thanks Joe for your excellent service

V Johnson

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